The contract cleaning market of UK is supposed to be almost £5.6 billion. It shows the impeccable demand for professional cleaners in the UK. Cleaning is pretty much important in all areas, whether domestic or commercial.

The professional cleaning firms categorize the types of cleaning based on the type of properties. As both domestic & commercial spaces experience different activities, the amount of dirt and debris accumulation also varies accordingly.

Therefore, professional firms have a trained team that recognizes the understandable and convincing difference between domestic & commercial cleanings. Here are some of the factors that differentiate the two cleaning processes and the approaches taken by the professional cleaners in Kingston Upon Thames.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of the commercial and domestic space varies, which leads the cleaning firms to adopt different measures for covering the entire space within the stipulated time. Hence, the number of solutions, cleaning agents and equipment used will be more in commercial spaces as compared to domestic spaces.

Most of the businesses are taking assistance of these cleaners in Kingston Upon Thames for handling their commercial cleaning requirements.

Cleaning Tools & Materials Used

The amount of cleaning materials used for domestic cleaning solutions is less as compared to commercial spaces. It is because the domestic premises are smaller and does not require heavy tools and materials for efficient cleaning.

Also, for the commercial spaces, the cleaning firms will need bigger vacuum cleaners, polishers and other huge pieces of equipment to ensure perfect results. It is one of the most crucial differentiating factors between domestic and commercial cleaning.

The commercial offices or workplaces require more tools as they have more areas where dust and debris get accumulated. The chances of missing out on those areas are high with the usual cleaning methods. Therefore, the professional cleaners in Kingston Upon Thames do not hesitate to use advanced tools and equipment for commercial cleaning.

But it does not mean that the professionals lack cleaning efforts while offering domestic cleaning. It is just that the residential spaces are small and has limited footfall which reduces the presence of dirt & grime, eliminating the need for big equipment.

Process of Cleaning

The process of commercial cleaning is also quite different as compared to that of domestic cleaning. Commercial cleaning needs more staff for dividing the cleaning job around the entire workplace. At the same time, residential cleaning can be handled by lesser staff members without much hassle.

Even though the cleaning approach is quite complex for commercial spaces, unlike the domestic ones, professionals are experienced in handling both the commercial as well as the domestic process of cleaning seamlessly.

So, you see how different commercial and domestic cleaning can be? Next time you hire a cleaning service provider, make sure to go for someone that has both the experience and expertise in the particular type of cleaning you need!

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