With the advancement in science and technology, there has been quite an improvement in people’s general functioning and lifestyle habits. Still, at the same time, it has given birth to more complex forms of lifestyle diseases ever seen by mankind.

In this modern world, telephones or mobile phones have become an inevitable mode of communication and are actively used in most workplaces. These phones, which are used so widely and interchangeably amongst coworkers, are hardly ever considered a source of multiple diseases.

The spread of illnesses by a single touch

People at the office use the phone after touching different surfaces and keep it in close contact with their face, mouth, eyes, and hands and then hand it over to others in the workplace to use. This makes the telephone one of the filthiest surfaces to access in a public place, considering the number of times it gets cleaned. Studies show that an average telephone in a public place like an office carries over 25,000 germs which come in close contact with each individual that uses it. It is also more pathogenic than toilet seats which are considered a huge potential health risk but are cleaned as a precautionary measure at every given interval.

Pathogens spread the common diseases which we experience in day-to-day life through touch. And fomites on phone surfaces come into close contact with our hands, face, and mouth, and in turn to eyes, nasal and ear openings, or even inside of the mouth when hands touch these parts. Phones are known to have the potential to spread diseases like diarrhea, flu, cold, eye infections, etc., in a way, and phones are a great source of pathogens bacteria spread. All these reasons imply how important it is to clean the non-seemingly infectious source of the workplace- the telephone.

So how do you get rid of these pathogens from the phone?

With the pandemic affecting the masses, people have started taking cleaning and disinfecting common places and utilities seriously. That being said, office cleaning rituals have become a professional requirement in most places.

Regular cleaning of the office surfaces will diminish the overall pathogen deposits and, in turn, reduce the number of bacteria being transmitted. Along with cleaning the other surfaces, phones and screens should also be prioritized in any cleaning regime, be it basic or deep clean ones.

It is almost impossible to ensure that the phones are devoid of any germs or bacteria at any given time, but it is achievable to reduce the bacterial load to a minimum with this practice. Reducing the bacterial load itself will help in keeping the spread in check. Other than these cleans, the phones that are usually shared can be cleaned after every use or whenever needed using a disinfectant spray and wipe.

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